She Covered a lot of Ground and Hit to All Fields

My grandfather used to get the newspaper at around 5am every morning and when putting it on their kitchen counter, Pop would separate the Sports page and tell my grandmom that she should read it “in case you speak to Noah today.”  Pop passed away during my Sophomore year in college – and on Saturday, Bub read her last boxscore. 


Bub lived in Florida, about 45 minutes from Miami, and when I was down there for Mother’s Day, she was very adamant about the absurdity of building a new stadium for the Marlins since the school systems need so much money.  When the Marlins started off 11-1, she would say “How about the Marlins!”  Like my mom, Bub watched games that people close to her had a rooting interest in.  She was glued to this past Super Bowl since my dad’s from Pittsburgh.  She would watch some NBA All-Star coverage each of the past few years since she knew I was there.  And when we finally convinced that the internet wasn’t “a bad place” – she got a laptop so she could see pictures of her kids, grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.  And she got the chance to watch my work – whether it was a live show or taped features, highlights, and interviews. 


She worked at the day camp where I spent my pre-teen summers, and it was never a surprise to find her behind the dugout of my baseball game or checking in during instructional swim to add a little encouragement as I learned how to dive.   Bub watched as I dribbled circles around Pop in the basement.  She watched as Dad and I threw a ball around or played hoops after dinner.  Fortunately for our entire family, Bub was always around – and a large part of our family is what it is today because of that. 


Bub makes the highlights every so often – – from Reds/Cardinals game last week: click the video with the team logos – Bub gets in around the 50 second mark. 


Bub couldn’t swim, whistle, or make pancakes – but those are the only things she couldn’t do.  On the day before the MLB Draft, the team above us got itself an early jump on a first round pick with a proven track record of success but with still so much more to offer.



“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln

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